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Fiction with Limits Workshop

Fiction with Limits Workshop

April 15-18 • Fiction with Limits Workshop

Flash fiction, prose poetry forms, and rigidly limited word count fiction writing is a challenge that can lead to jumping off points for longer pieces or just makes for a unique challenge. If you’re feeling blocked or just want to learn to harness the power of economy of words, learn how drabbles, tweet-length fiction, and even story sonnets can help reboot your creativity. Hosted by K.W. Taylor.

The  cost is $300 and includes 3 nights’ stay, continental breakfast, free wi-fi and all workshop programming.

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About the Host

K.W. Taylor is the author of the urban fantasy Sam Brody series, about a dragonslaying disc jockey (The Red Eye and The House on Concordia Drive, both 2014 from Alliteration Ink). She has an MFA from Seton Hill University. Taylor lives in a restored Victorian home in Ohio with her tech writer husband and—unlike every other novelist in the world—an insanely photogenic kitten. She teaches college English and Women’s Studies and blogs at The Curiosity Killers, her first science fiction novel, will be released by Dog Star Books in 2016.

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