Broadkill Resort - Write at the Beach

Writers’ Scholarship

Sunroom DinetteWriters need to be nurtured, good writing takes time and effort. Our consumer culture has assured that we’re all experienced buyers and collectors but few resources go towards inspiring and encouraging creators. Sometimes a place free of distractions, designed for thought and inspiration, is the perfect thing to jumpstart a creative project. The Broadkill Writers’ Resort scholarship is a conscious investment in dreams and people. We believe art in all its forms is essential for a meaningful life and want to support the creative process. You can donate to the fund here.

How it Works

The rolling scholarship is an important part of our Broadkill Writers’ Resort venture. In addition to running workshops and hosting writers through rentals we also want to provide a chance to stay and write for free. The number of writers who can benefit will depend on the funds raised.

For each $700 donated we’ll be able to host a writer for a free weeklong stay. We spent a long time trying to decide how to award the scholarships. It could be based on the merit of a writing project, essay, sample work or financial need. But we really didn’t like the idea of having to choose one person over another. Instead we will be consulting with Broadkill supporters to choose recipients. You can sign up for our mailing list to be an official supporter. Donors to the scholarship fund will get extra benefits.

Living RoomThe current scholarship will be for a week starting on Friday, January 8th or Friday, January 22nd. The recipient can stay as long as they like up to the morning of the following Friday but does not have to stay the whole time. More than one person can stay at a time.

The recipient will be required to sign an agreement not to damage the property. They will also be asked to compose a short statement about the benefits of their stay and any tips for others to be used on the Resort’s website.

Why a Writers’ Resort?

For as long as we’ve been involved in publishing we’ve been interested in creating a community and inspiring authors to do their best. And although we’ve built a strong virtual network we’ve found that in-person experiences make the most deeply lasting impressions. From attending conventions, arranging book signings and author events, hosting our own DogCon (now in its fifth year) and running a couple of weekend retreats we’ve learned how to create lasting bonds, memories and endless opportunities for creativity. So when the opportunity arose to make a permanent creative destination we jumped at it.